I had a tough time trying to choose between two songs from my new favourite band. Being weak and indecisive, I’ve included both of them. Methyl Ethel have been on heavy rotation this week, and I urge you to go and listen to their album Oh Inhuman Species. Bit of a strange mixture overall this week, but enjoy.




1. ‘TWILIGHT DRIVING’ – Methyl Ethel

As mentioned above, this group’s album has been the most listened to material in my library this week. Hailing from Perth, Methyl Ethel have clearly drawn inspiration from the plethora of talent that their home town has birthed, perhaps most notably Tame Impala.

2. ‘SHADOWBOXING’ – Methyl Ethel


Much like ‘Twilight Driving,’ this track has kept me returning nearly every day. Jake Webb’s voice ensnares you, most likely because of his falsetto throughout; I’ll admit, I thought Methyl Ethel’s lead singer was a female when I first heard them, so I was surprised and even more intrigued when I found out how wrong I was.

3. ‘GO EASY’ – Mac Demarco


An artist who could soothe the angriest of people, Mac Demarco’s music is an incredible lesson in DIY production. A friend introduced me to Demarco a couple of years ago, and I thank him for giving me music that helps me remain calm when the tube is absolutely rammed, or the trains are delayed for the fourth day in a row, or there aren’t any toilets on the train so I have to get off at Clapham just to use the bathroom and wait twenty minutes for the next train. Yeah, I was that desperate.

4. ‘SO WHAT’ – Miles Davis

miles davis

A true innovator and master of his art, Miles Davis is understandably seen as one of the most influential people in 20th Century Music. If, like me, you’re not a huge fan of jazz, give this track a listen and allow your thinking to be altered. Not so much that you’ll fashion yourself a soul patch and spend your days trying to find the hippest jazz bars, but enough that you’ll appreciate one of the greatest musicians to have ever walked the earth.


howlin wolf

I seem to have gone for a few musical legends in the middle section here; Howlin’ Wolf being one of the most revered Blues artists of all time. ‘Smokestack Lightning’ is a great example of Howlin’ Wolf’s versatile voice, and it has since become regarded as a true Blues classic.

6. ‘MR PITIFUL’ – Otis Redding

otis redding.jpg

Both ‘Smokestack Lightning’ and ‘Mr Pitiful’ were recently featured on HBO’s ‘Vinyl,’ and are as addictive as they are brilliant. ‘Mr Pitiful’ is a definite toe tapper (toe tapping being the only form of dancing I allow myself to take part in), and Redding’s voice sounds as incredible today as I imagine it first did back in the 60’s.


pj harvey

PJ Harvey began her career back in the late 80’s, but I hadn’t yet heard any of her music until she released single ‘The Wheel’ back in January. A couple of weeks ago, she released the second single from her upcoming album, and it’s just brilliant. Although she has faced criticisms from local politicians about her depiction of the Ward 7 area in Washington D.C., the song seems to paint an honest picture of a place that has been rocked by economic hardships.

8. ‘GERMAN DAYS’ – Iggy Pop


Iggy Pop released Post Pop Depression last week, joined on the album by Josh Homme, QOTSA’s Dean Fertita and Arctic Monkey’s Matt Helders. With such an impressive line up, I  expected much more from the LP, and whilst it hits the right beats on occasion, it doesn’t seem to truly represent the talent behind the music. My favourite track off the album at the moment is ‘German Days,’ a slow-burning, heavy-hitting track with wonderful melodies tripping over each other in a beautiful way.

9. ‘UNTITLED 06 06.30.2014’ – Kendrick Lamar


This surprise album was a pleasure to listen to when it was dropped. Not only is it more great music from Lamar, but I always love hearing content that was recorded during the process of creating album. When it’s not included in the final product, it’s fun trying to figure out why. I’m not sure why ‘untitled 06’ was cut, but it is a solid track featuring silky vocals from Cee Lo Green.

10. ‘STILL’ – Geto Boys


A bit of a curve ball this one, but one I had to include it just because I had it on repeat for about an hour last week, trying to nail the opening verse delivered angrily by Willie D. Needless to say, I can’t rap in the slightest, but I love pretending I can. The song was also famously used in the film ‘Office Space,’ during a scene that I’m sure would resonate with a large majority of the general public.


Ryan Ottley-Booth

Twitter: @R_Ottley_B


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