After posting a hip-hop heavy list last week, I realised I’d missed out a few of my favourite tracks. 10 songs unfortunately doesn’t allow me to post every single one that I’ve enjoyed over the years, nor does it allow me to put up all of the new music I’ve found. I also haven’t figured out a system of including songs that aren’t on Spotify, but I’ll work on that. It’s difficult this, so appreciate me you lovely lot. This week isn’t hip-hop heavy at all, so those who weren’t into that should find some more preferable tracks this week. Enjoy.


1. ‘X MARKS THE SPOT’ – Ghostpoet feat. Nadine Shah

Ghostpoet definitely lives up to his name. He manages to craft intricate, well-balanced tracks, with thoughtful lyrics and catchy hooks woven in. I first came across the Londoner a couple of years ago, but have only just started listening to him in recent weeks. Two of his LP’s have received Mercury attention, and after listening to them only once, it’s no surprise.

2. ‘U-235’ – Mogwai


Last Friday, Mogwai released the soundtrack that they provided for the Mark Cousins documentary “Atomic, Living in Dread and Promise.” The entire album, aptly named Atomic is a harrowing soundtrack that inspires desolation. ‘U-235’ is synth-heavy, slow-moving at times, but strangely addictive.



A colleague introduced me to Manchester rock outfit MONEY a little while back after he’d seen them play in London. Gutted I missed that show. Their second album Suicide Songs paints a dark picture of creatives living through their late twenties, and is a beautiful, emotional EP. ‘I’ll be the Night’ is delicately harrowing, and will make for a few return listens.

4. ‘LOST MY HEAD THERE’ – Kurt Vile

kurt vile

I don’t know a whole lot about American musician Kurt Vile, except that I might love him a bit. His music draws you in almost instantly, and keeps you enthralled throughout the duration of your listen. ‘Lost my Head there’ has popped up regularly on our office’s radio over the past few weeks, despite the album it lives on being released last year. It’s best listened to on a sunny afternoon, I promise.



One of the great British bands from the 90s, Suede are still continuing to deliver brilliant music. Often cited as being one of the most influential groups in alternative music, Suede have certainly had a pretty wonderful career. From the album Night Thoughts, ‘What I’m Trying to Tell You’ is a massively catchy record, with a chorus that’ll be stuck in your head for days. Possibly weeks.

6. ‘EVERYBODY WANTS TO LOVE YOU’ – Japanese Breakfast

japanese breakfast

A foot-tapper this one. An infectiously upbeat track from Japanese Breakfast’s debut album Psychopomp, ‘Everybody Wants to Love You’ offers a joyous look at the prospect of a one-night-stand. Having read reviews of the album (I haven’t had a chance to listen to the entire thing yet), the entire record explores themes of dependency and love, and ‘Everybody Wants to Love You’ is likely the least pain-tinged. May have to get some tissues for the listen later #soppygit.



Manchester-born band James are well-known for releasing huge pop hits that seem to sit in the psyche of the listener for weeks on end. ‘Nothing But Love’ is no exception, and although their newest album ‘Girl at the End of the World’ doesn’t necessarily break any boundaries musically, there’s no denying the group’s amazing songwriting skills. ‘Nothing But Love’ is bloody wonderful.



Filled with brilliant harmonies and surf-punk sensibilities, ‘Wednesday Night Melody’ is a perfect accompaniment to having a beer on a beach. Or at least that’s how I imagine it. I don’t like the beach much, but I could maybe be convinced to sit in some sand for a bit if Bleached were playing somewhere close. Great track.

9. ‘SIMPLE SONG’ – Blue House

blue house

Blue House are a combination of Fiction’s James Howard and Drop Out Venus’ Ursula Russell. Apparently. I don’t know much about a lot of the musicians on the playlist this week, but that’s okay. Discovery is fun, right? What I do know is that Blue House have created an amazing track here, that’s not quite as simple as its name suggests. See what I did there? Soft vocals combined with detailed layers of instrumental melody serve up a relaxing, feel-good song that makes me want to hear more from this duo.

10. ‘ON THE LIPS’ – Frankie Cosmos

frankie cosmos

Another artist I’ve only just discovered, Frankie Cosmos is an independent American musician based mainly in New York. Her latest album, Next Thing, was released last Friday, and therefore ‘On The Lips’ makes a late entry on the playlist this week. The album is full of short tracks, ranging from 45 seconds to 2 minutes and 44 seconds which becomes more understandable when you discover that Cosmos studied poetry at university; creating poems with her music rather than songs that follow a certain formula, Frankie Cosmos has made something wonderful here. Definitely check out the whole album.

Ryan Ottley-Booth

Twitter: @R_Ottley_B


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