Oh boy, some absolute gold on the playlist this week, if I do say so myself. There’s work from some incredibly talented young artists, as well as music from those who are already well established in the industry. Enjoy.



1. ‘SNEAKERS (SNEAKY THING)’ – Franky Flowers

I came across this group when I heard them on the radio at work the other day (Lamacq, you are brilliant). ‘Corpse’ was played on the radio, but after looking the band up, I found this song and have been playing it non-stop all week. Whilst still young, Franky Flowers have proved their worth by creating a grungy, psychedelic sound that got them the chance to play at SXSW. Singer Franky Fox’s stereotypical Californian drawl adds a level of charm to their music, and I look forward to what the future holds for the group.

2. ‘MOVE’ – Ratboy

Rat Boy AKA Jordan Cardy

There’s been a lot of buzz surround Ratboy for about a year now, and it’s understandable when you hear the music he creates. Energetic, layered, and filled with catchy hooks, Ratboy makes music that seems to suit his overall lifestyle and aesthetic. He’s won a few ‘Best Newcomer’ awards from various outlets, and shows no signs of letting up. Additionally, Ratboy and his bandmates self-produce most of their music, create their own artwork and quickly acquired a loyal fanbase. All signs suggesting an artist with staying power.

3. ‘GIRLFRIEND’ – Misty Miller

misty miller

Miller released her album The Whole Family is Worried last Friday, and it’s an incredible mixture of pop-punk, grunge and melodic bliss. There’s also a lot of call-backs to retro punk, and that shines the most on ‘Girlfriend,’ which grabs you instantly and doesn’t let go.


todd terje

I have this race about three times a week, when I miss my train connection on the way home. Instead of waiting around for half an hour for the next one, I walk as quickly as possible in order to beat that same train back to my home town. It can be tough, but when you have tracks like ‘Delorean Dynamite’ spurring you on, it’s actually rather enjoyable.



Sia is a force of nature when it comes to songwriting; unstoppable you could say, (see that? Yeah, I’m funny). Crafting some of the boldest, most addictive tracks in recent memory, Sia seems to be able to crank them out like it was nothing. But it is no easy task, and I respect her prowess, and absolutely adore her voice. Her songs have also led to some great drunken sing-a-longs of a weekend, and I wish I could personally thank her for that.

6. ‘ROWING’ – Dennis Bovell


Released on a compilation album in 2003 titled, Decibel: More Cuts and Dubs 1976–1983, ‘Rowing’ was recorded back when reggae and dub was really making its mark on the UK music scene. Bovell here has created a shining example of classic dub that paved the way for thousands of musicians worldwide who like something a bit more relaxed with their music.

7. ‘A PRINCE’ – Jorja Smith feat.Maverick Sabre

jorja smith

Jorja Smith has an absolutely astounding set-up in the old vocal department. I was mesmerised by her voice when I first heard this track, and it’s been stuck in my psyche all week. Pair that with Maverick Sabre, who has one of the most distinctive voices in music at the moment, add a beautiful R&B/soul backing and you have ‘A Prince.’ Insanely brilliant track.

8. ‘EVERYDAY BOOTS’ – Julia Holter

Julia Holter - London 04/08/15 | Photo by Burak Cingi

Somehow, Julia Holter has managed to perfectly balance the ethereal and up-tempo. A great song that would compliment a hot bath on a bike ride, Holter’s voice mixed with a bag full of instrumentation is an interesting and wonderful listen.

9. ‘OPEN WATER’ – Steady Holiday

steady holiday

I don’t know much about music production, so could someone tell me how Steady Holiday has made it so that it sounds like she’s whispering in my ears on this track? Thanks. That feeling of being whispered to is ensnaring, and adds to the tension of the song that talks about enjoying the feeling of being held face-down in open water (which I guess could be a metaphor for something, maybe, who knows?) The track features great harmonies, interesting melodic lines and has an overall feeling of something dark, which juxtaposes the vocals beautifully.

10. ‘COMING OF AGE’ – Tribes


From Tribes’ 2011 EP We Were Children, ‘Coming of Age’ really hit home this week. I’ve been at my new, “proper” job for about two months now, and as I was listening to this song, I realised I’ve grown up quite a lot recently in some respects. I know I’m still young, but I’ve actually got responsibilities now, and if that prospect doesn’t scare the living shit out of any young adults, I need them to teach me their ways. A lovely song clearly written by the group when they were at a similar stage in their own lives, and part of a great debut EP.

Ryan Ottley-Booth

Twitter: @R_Ottley_B



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