This week’s playlist won’t be the most involved description-wise. I may or may not be recovering from a Bank Holiday weekend, who knows? As always though, some great music from beautiful creative type people.  Enjoy.


1. ‘GHETTO WALKIN’ – Robert Glasper, Miles Davis, Bilal


Don Cheadle’s ‘Miles Ahead’ recounted much of the life of musical legend Miles Davis. The soundtrack is made up in part by Robert Glasper’s workings of Davis’ recordings, and on the album Everything’s Beautiful, he has blended jazz and R&B beautifully. ‘Ghetto Walkin’ is a great representation of Glasper’s talents, as is the rest of the album.

2. ‘THINK LIKE THEY BOOK SAY’ – Saul Williams


Saul Williams released MartyrLoserKing back in January, but I’ve only just heard it myself. As a poet and spoken-word artist, Williams is genius at wrapping lyrical metaphors around themselves, serving up an LP that is going to take much more than one listen to fully grasp. ‘Think Like They Book Say’ has a harder edge than many of the other songs, reminding me a little of Death Grips in its aggressive delivery.

3. ‘IN MY CAR’ – Gold Panda

gold panda

A beautifully laid-back, dreamy journey through realms of layered vocals and Asian influences, likely taken from the Peckham-born producer’s time in Japan. I’m really enjoying delving into Gold Panda’s back-catalogue.

4. ‘FACA NÃO’ – Abel Lima

abel lima

I heard this track on the radio last week and immediately fell in love. Jazz, Latin and African flavours are all present in ‘Faca Não,’ making it all kinds of brilliant.

5. ‘CAN’T COOL’ – Alborosie


It’s been a while since I went through my reggae-discovery phase, and one artist who stayed with me since then is Italian-born Alborosie. Reggae is no longer my greatest love, but it’s great listening to a bit of Alborosie on a Bank Holiday.

6. ‘EASY RIDER’ – Action Bronson


Taken from Bronson’s 2015 album Mr. Wonderful, ‘Easy Rider’ is a chaotic, full-throttle ride (heh), full of well-delivered lyrics and various lines of melody and bass. A fantastic way to close out a solid album.

7. ‘SEA CALLS ME HOME’ – Julia Holter

holter 2

I included one of Julia Holter’s tracks on a previous playlist, but had to include another this week, mainly because it’s been on heavy rotation on the radio. It’s infectious and has a lazily delivered chorus that is sure to get stuck in your head too.

8. ‘RAW POWER’ – The Stooges

the stooges

Much of Iggy Pop’s latest work has been a lot more insightful and inward-looking than the work he released with The Stooges, and it’s likely that that’s due to an increase in age, and a decrease in drug consumption. ‘Raw Power’ is a classic track from the album of the same name, and is testament to The Stooges’ great talent.


buckley 2

Included in the posthumous release of Sketches for My Sweetheart the Drunk, ‘I Know We Could Be So Happy Baby’ is raw, highly emotive, and somewhat haunting. It is unknown whether or not it would have made the final cut had Buckley released the album before his untimely death, but it’s a great track that I appreciate being able to listen to.

10. ‘LOVE YOU CAUSE YOU’RE THERE’ – Hidden Charms

hidden charms

This track was released last year, but came back into my listening-sphere after Hidden Charms released a new track recently. Catchy and well-crafted, ‘Love You Cause You’re There’ is a firm favourite of mine, and is likely to be for the foreseeable future.


Ryan Ottley-Booth



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