Another load of great music for your earballs here. A nice mixture of styles, but a mixture that tells me I wouldn’t make a great DJ. Whatever order you listen to the tracks in though, I guarantee you’ll enjoy them.



1. ‘BETWEEN THE LINES’ – Peter Bjorn and John

peter bjorn

Need a name for your band? Why not just take your members’ first names and be done with it? Simple as. This Swedish indie-pop group found massive fame with their track ‘Young Folks’ back in 2006. It was the one with the whistling, and it was absolutely everywhere. ‘Between the Lines’ comes from their most recent album, Breakin’ Point, which while not breaking any new ground, is a pleasant indie-pop listen with enough catchy hooks to keep you interested.

2. ‘GREEN EYES’ – Wavves


A catchy love-song aimed at either a girl with green eyes or something a bit less legal, from California-based group Wavves. When I first heard the track, I wasn’t expecting it to turn quite as heavy as it did, but was pleasantly by the change. Whoever (or whatever) the subject of the song may be, it’s really bloody good.



Based in Reading, this four-piece released single ‘Bewitched’ last year and showed that psychedelia is still alive in the UK. ‘You Stole My Blackout’ is a follow-up that compliments that earlier sound, but has trimmed away much of the empty spaces and silent moments. Instead, every second is crucial to this track that combines pop, indie and psychedelic elements masterfully. A great listen.

4. ‘DIFFERENT’ – The Invisible feat. Rosie Lowe

the invisible

An incredible album is Patience, one that has been influenced by music from all around the globe, during all time periods. It’s eclectic, upbeat, and I found it really to choose just one track for the playlist. ‘Different’ features guest vocals from Rosie Lowe, which just helps lift the song to an even greater place, and I promise this will come back to get you when you’re trying to fall asleep.

5. ‘MONSOON’ – Amber Mark feat. Mia Mark


A beautifully moving tribute from Amber Mark for her late mother. The New Yorker premiered ‘Monsoon’ on the anniversary of her Mother’s death. Not only is the song touching, but it’s proof of Mark’s songwriting talent, and promises great things for her future.


cold water music

Released way back in 1999, ‘Cold Water Music’ is the first bit of music I’ve ever heard by Aim. It came on last Friday on the Radio, and I’ve been listening to it pretty much non-stop all weekend. Blending hip-hop, jazz and electronica, ‘Cold Water Music’ is a track that’s made Aim one of my favourite artists at the moment.

7. ‘FEEL LIKE I DO’ – Disclosure feat. Al Green


Or should that be Al Green feat. Disclosure? No, I feel like the Reigate-born brothers are successful enough if their own right to be credited first. Since they exploded in the industry in 2012, they’ve come out with hit after hit, and ‘Feel Like I Do’ is another one that can be included in that list. It’ll have you nodding along before you even realise it.



I came across A-F-R-O last week, and was completely blown away. There’s not a lot of his music on Spotify (2 songs to be exact), but please go check out his Soundcloud page. Even if you don’t like rap, there is no denying the talent on this 18-year old. Yep. 18, and he’s one of the most talented rappers I’ve ever heard. With a clear love for the old-school, a tongue-twisting ability that is unbelievable, and a team of people intent on seeing him succeed, A-F-R-O has a chance to be one of the greats.

 9. ‘ON FIRE TONIGHT’ – Blackalicious feat. Myron Glasper


Speaking of old school, I don’t think it would be too much of a reach to suggest that Blackalicious may have influenced A-F-R-O, especially when you hear the multisyllabic style from Gift of Gab. Released on Imani Vol. 1, ‘On Fire Tonight’ is classic Blackalicious and just great fun to listen to.

10. ‘REMEMBERING’ – Bad Breeding

bad breeding

You know how I said earlier that I wouldn’t make a very good DJ? That’s because I’m following Blackalicious with Bad Breeding, a wall of sound from Stevenage who I’ve been following for a while. Crashing through ‘Remembering,’ Bad Breeding release what I can only imagine is pent-up anger at living in a commuter town where nothing happens; something I can easily relate to. The track is angry, raw, and fantastic.

Ryan Ottley-Booth



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