Another week, another collection of wonderful music for you all. Once again, it features tracks old and new. It’s pretty much 50/50 this week for those of you that like mathematics as much as you like music. Enjoy.


1. ‘PASSING OUT PIECES’ – Mac Demarco


I had to include something by Mac Demarco again this week because I went to see him last Monday night. I went with the friends who had introduced me to the Canadian musician, and we had a brilliant time. In the days that followed, he was playing through my headphones constantly. ‘Passing Out Pieces’ is one of Demarco’s most popular tracks from his Salad Days album, but for some reason he didn’t play it last week. Upsetting times.

2. ‘SUNDAY LOVE’ – Bat For Lashes


Bat For Lashes, aka Natasha Khan, brings a rather heartbreaking story in her fourth album The Bride. The concept album follows the story of a young bride who’s fiancé is killed on the day of their wedding, and how she copes with the death afterwards. Exploring themes of love, tragedy and fulfillment, the album is an interesting explanation into how we look at marriage and what is expected from it. ‘Sunday Love’ is full of beautiful vocals and layered harmonies, making it one of my favourites from the LP.

3. ‘WORDS’ – Basement Revolver


A beautifully ethereal, catchy track here from Canadian indie group Basement Revolver, ‘Words’ catches your attention straight off the bat. While there is a slightly haunting quality brought about by lead-singer Chrisy Hurn’s voice, it’s never something that makes you feel uncomfortable. More, it pulls you in and lets you become lost in the rest of the sound, which mixes synths, guitars, and crashing drums to create something annoyingly infectious. I love it.

4. ‘ALMOST HERE’ – Alice Ivy feat. Rara

alice ivy

Alice Ivy, aka Annika Schmarsel, is an electro-soul producer based in Melbourne. The Australians have been putting others to shame with the quality of their music on these lists in recent weeks, and Alice Ivy just adds to that. You won’t be able to stay still when this one is playing. It’s a great combination of sounds and beats, full of soul and heart. Fellow Melbourne musicians Rara offer up their talents on the verses, adding an extra layer to an insanely catchy track that’s going to be stuck in my head for a while to come yet.

5. ‘NVER’ – Noah Slee

noah slee

Some more soul here, but this time it’s more downbeat. Much more downbeat. Back in March, New Zealand-born Slee released his debut EP To Your Inner Hippie Cos You Fly As Fuck, and it allows listeners to get a look into his head, but also to hear the immense talent he possesses. ‘Nver’ is a slow burning, beautifully crafted song that builds to an intense conclusion, which allows Slee to show off his impressive falsetto voice and really give listeners the desire to hear more. At least that’s what it did to me.

6. ‘NEVER CATCH ME’ – Flying Lotus feat. Kendrick Lamar


I’ve included Kendrick Lamar on this playlist before because I think he’s incredible. He doesn’t disappoint on this collaboration either, taken from Flying Lotus’ album You’re Dead! Having not listened to Flying Lotus before, I immediately went and checked out some of his back catalogue after hearing this track and it didn’t disappoint. Just like ‘Never Catch Me,’ the music is often experimental, exciting, and really fun to listen to.

7. ‘SOUND AND VISION’ – David Bowie

david bowie

A classic Bowie track that I heard on the radio late last week, this one’s often been the first track I’ll put on as I step out the door. It’s uplifting, full of great sounds and has an infectious riff that you won’t get sick of. Bowie in his prime, truly.

8. ‘SUCK MY KISS’ – Red Hot Chili Peppers


Unfortunately, the Chili Peppers aren’t as solid favourites of mine as they used to be. After By The Way, things really never seemed to get back to how they used to be. There doesn’t seem to be that raw energy and love of funk that made tracks like ‘Suck My Kiss’ instant classics. I haven’t listened to their latest album yet because I’m a bit scared to. So for now I’ll stick with this, (heh).



I included another track by Vulgarians a couple of weeks ago, and said I was looking forward to their EP release; they released it last Friday, and I wrote a review of it if you wanna check that out. For now though, you can enjoy this track, and if you liked ‘Lost Sanity Smiles,’ you’ll love this. Heavy, raw, intensely engaging, you’ll need a lie down after a listen.

10. ‘PILENTZE PEE (PILENTZE SINGS)’ – The Bulgarian State Radio & Television Female Vocal Choir


That’s one long name. But it’s worth getting through it once you hear these guys sing. My God. The choir has been around since the 1950’s, and their aim is to bring traditional Bulgarian folk music to the modern stage, and they’ve clearly succeeded, gaining international recognition. I looked them up to try and understand how they create the sounds, and from what I gathered it’s a combination of using parallel leading and dissonant harmonies. Obviously a lot of training is also involved, but it certainly pays off. I heard this on the radio and was gripped instantly. It’s just amazing.

Ryan Ottley-Booth



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