It gets really hard thinking of something different to write in this section each week. Maybe I’m not as creative as I’d like to think when it comes to introducing a playlist full of excellent music. Guess I’ll have to leave the creativity to the people who made these songs. Enjoy.


1. ‘ON A HIGH’ – Roots Manuva

roots manuva

Roots Manuva was included in the playlist way back in week 3, and I believe I wrote about how crucial he has been in the evolution of the UK hip hop scene. I heard ‘On a High’ on the radio last week, and I love the fact that as soon as the first verse started, I immediately knew it was Roots Manuva. He has one of those unique voices and flows that has, and will continue to be a flag-bearer for UK hip hop. Released as a single ahead of the deluxe re-release of Bleeds, ‘On a High’ is a brilliant taste of what’s to come.

2. ‘CRAZY DREAM’ – Tom Misch feat. Loyle Carner

tom misch

At the age of 20, Tom Misch’s musical career seems to be heading in all the right directions. After huge levels of demand caused him to release ‘Beat Tape 1,’ Misch has been heralded by tastemakers such as Zane Lowe and Annie Mac. His latest EP, Reverie, was released last Friday, and combines electro and soul beautifully. ‘Crazy Dream’ features fellow South London musician Loyle Carner, and it’s exciting to see young talent like this emerging.

3. ‘DO YOU REMEMBER’ – Deltron 3030 feat. Jamie Cullum

deltron 3030

The closing track to Deltron 3030’s second album Event II, ‘Do You Remember’ takes elements from classic hip hop and throws in a handful of modern, and more alternative ideas. Add an unexpected musician to sing the chorus in the mix, and you have a deceptively catchy track that rounds off a brilliant album that may or may not have taken nearly a decade to create.

4. ‘LOVE BUZZ’ – Nirvana


Want a riff stuck in your head for a few days? Listen to this once, and you’ll be set. ‘Love Buzz’ was Nirvana’s debut single and was later included on their debut album Bleach. What I didn’t realise is that it is actually a cover of a track by Dutch psychedelic group Shocking Blue. I’ve now got a whole load of their music to enjoy, and I suggest you check them out too. You might recognise their most well-known track, ‘Venus.’ Yeah, that one.

5. ‘DONE’ – Camp Cope


What is it with these Aussie’s and their fantastic music at the moment? I don’t quite know when it happened, but there was apparently an explosion of quality music from the other side of the world. From that explosion come trio Camp Cope, who bring with them crashing indie sounds and intimate, wonderfully delivered lyrics. Taken from their debut album Camp Cope, ‘Done’ is wonderfully indie, and is great launch pad for the rest of the album (mainly because it’s the opening track, but let’s not focus on that).

6. ‘PLANET YOU’ – The Julie Ruin

the julie ruin

Kathleen Hanna was the lead singer of pioneering riot grrrl group Bikini Kill in the 90s, and has been a huge player in the feminist movement well into her late 40s. Punk spirit doesn’t age, and that’s shown clearly on The Julie Ruin’s second album Hit Reset. Much of the album is harrowing, as Hanna recounts periods of her life that were filled with abuse and suffering. She does so with ferocity though, and also shows how she has grown. ‘Planet You’ doesn’t quite delve into subject matter such as that, and is more a riotous, pop-punk track that’ll give you a proper kick up the arse.

7. ‘H.W. RUNNING’ – Palace Winter

palace winter

Palace Winter are a duo of two artists from different musical backgrounds who have come together to create something beautiful. Carl Coleman approached the project from a more traditional singer-songwriter perspective, whilst Caspar Hesselager feels more comfortable at the helm of a synth setup. By fusing their ideas, Palace Winter have drawn upon all their inspirations and skills to produce Waiting for the World to Turn. It’s exciting, well-worked, and a positive representation of collaborating musicians.

8. ‘WALKING ON THE BEACH’ – The Bazaars


Released back in 2013, Leeds-based group The Bazaars brought elements from 90s indie, surf-rock and psychedelia for their debut album. ‘Walking on the Beach’ epitomises their sound, and is an infectious, rumbling track that’ll make you want to hear more.

9. ‘ALL I WANT’ – Lou Rhodes

lou rhodes

Lou Rhodes was live in session with Lauren Laverne on Radio 6 last Friday, and I was blown away by her voice and the songs she has crafted for her upcoming album theyesandeye. I’ve always found it difficult to describe English folk music, save for a few Led Zeppelin tracks and the original folk songs that they were inspired by. I think a lot of people associate English folk music with paganism, or dancing around a May Pole. Lou Rhodes has, for me at least, cleared up that notion and proved that folk music is rich, mesmerising, and still alive in 2016. theyesandeye is released this Friday, and I’m incredibly excited.

10. ‘2 + 2 = 5’ – Radiohead


Although the band themselves have been somewhat critical of Hail to the Thief, it is still praised by critics and contains amazing tracks such as ‘2 + 2 = 5.’ This track was recommended to me by someone who seemed to have great taste in music, until they revealed they like Coldplay, which was a bit disappointing. ‘2 + 2 = 5’ was a good call though, as it’s full of classic Radiohead characteristics, really amping things up towards the end. Unlike my writing, clearly.

Ryan Ottley-Booth



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