Another Bank Holiday Monday is upon us in the UK, and that’s the reason this week’s descriptions won’t be quite as detailed as usual; I’ve got a few other plans for today,  but wanted to share another batch of brilliant songs. Enjoy.



1. ‘PEOPLE’ – Cadenza feat. Jorja Smith & Dre Island

cadenza j smith.jpg

Cadenza is proving to be one of the most talented producers on the scene right now, doing brilliant work here combining reggae and jungle to create a powerful, full-throttle track. Jorja Smith’s voice is incredible again, and Dre Island provides a solid verse to an incredibly interesting song.

2. ‘NO CD’ – Loyle Carner feat. Rebel Kleff

loyle carner

I included Loyle Carner on the playlist a while back, when he featured on a track by Tom Misch. On the recommendation of a friend though, I explored a lot more of his own stuff and have been listening to it a ridiculous amount ever since. Carner’s delivery emulates classic styles of hip-hop, but he manages to have his own voice and sound, clearly apparent on ‘NO CD,’  making him one of the most exciting UK hip-hop acts around at the moment.

3. ’10 YEARS GRINDIN’ – Akala


Akala’s been on the scene since 2006, which he references on a track that is a reflection on his life and career so far. Known not only for his music, but also his incredible knowledge and ability to put ignorant people down in the best ways possible, Akala is a great rapper, made only better by the depth of his lyrics.

4. ‘PICTURE A VACUUM’ – Kate Tempest

Kate Tempest performs at Camp Bestival in Dorset

Tempest’s latest track opens to just her voice piercing the silence, then slowly builds to a frantic and passionate crescendo, as Tempest’s voice becomes increasingly panicked. It’s a brilliant piece of work from the Londoner, and promises that her recently-announced upcoming album, Let them Be Chaos, will be as powerful and intricate as her previous work.

5. ‘DEGRADED’ – Preoccupations


Preoccupations started life out as Viet Cong, but altered their name after facing controversy for that name. Their debut album under the name Preoccupations is set for release in September, and I’m looking forward to hearing more from the post-punk group.

6. ‘WEIRD SUN’ – Weirds


I was lucky enough to see Weirds play last Monday, and it was great to see that their live performances are just as electrifying as their music. Haunting, multi-layered and beautifully heavy at certain points, their music will leave you worn out but hungry for more. Their debut EP was released last Friday, and I highly recommend checking it out.

7. ‘SING THIS’ – God Damn

god damn

God Damn are a heavy-rock duo from Wolverhampton who incorporate grunge and punk elements in their music to knock you out with a sound that’s heavy, but not so heavy that you can’t hear the amazing riffs they’ve created. After releasing Vultures back in 2015, God Damn have been touring extensively and released ‘Sing This’ at the start of this month.

8. ‘READY FOR THE MAGIC‘ – Honeyblood


Another duo here who make a lot of noise even though there are only two of them. ‘Ready For the Magic’ sounds like an ode to some of the best early garage rock sounds that emerged in the US, and it is ridiculously catchy. Taken from their upcoming album Babes Never Die, it’s a track that will get stuck your head for days.

9. ‘SMALL CRIMES’ – Nilüfer Yanya

nilufer yanya

A soulful, beautifully performed track from emerging artist Nilfüfer Yanya, ‘Small Crimes’ plays around with differing levels of sound and instrumental layering, but never loses the magic at its core which is Yanya’s amazing voice. I’m very excited to hear more from Yanya, who gained great feedback a few months ago for her cover of The Pixies’ ‘Hey.

10. ’22 (OVER SOON)’ – Bon Iver

bon iver

Just for the record, I couldn’t figure out how to write “SOON” using the infinity symbols that Iver’s used (see the Spotify track if you don’t get what I mean.) But anyway, I thought I’d include this track because it proves that certain people can live up the huge levels of hype. There’d been rumours and discussions that Iver was about to release a bit of new music, and when he did, it was beautiful. Just listen to his bloody voice here. Brilliant stuff.

Ryan Ottley-Booth



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