Last week I didn’t post anything, but I needed a breather after 30 weeks of finding some great music for all you lovely people. Also, I finally got my top deck working, so was obsessing over that.  I’m back again today though with some brilliant tracks by some amazing people. Enjoy.


1. ‘SLOP’ – Forth Wanderers


As the title suggests, ‘Slop’ is a lazy, intricately worked track from New Jersey natives Forth Wanderers. Its guitar lines play carefully over each other, and Ava Trilling’s gorgeous voice penetrates the noise brilliantly. ‘Slop’ is taken from the group’s upcoming debut EP out in early November.

2. ‘KINKY LOLA’ – Francobollo


If ‘Slop’ was lazy, then I don’t know what I’d call ‘Kinky Lola.’ This wonderfully laid back, hazy, off-beat production comes from Francobollo, who originated in Sweden but now reside in the UK. There’s a debut album slated for release at some point next year, but I wish it was sooner. I want to hear so much more of these guys straight away. Brilliant stuff.

3. ‘CORNERSTONE’ – Benjamin Clementine


I often find myself crying at TV shows and movies, even over the smallest emotional inflection displayed on screen; I even cry at the Simpsons at times. Music’s even worse. So when I hear someone like the incredibly talented Mr Clementine pouring his heart out on record, it sets me off like a small child who has been denied pudding. I’ve been listening to Benjamin Clementine for a while now, but ‘Cornerstone’ came up on shuffle last week and had me tearing up on the train home. Beautifully produced, yet still containing a certain rawness, his music is simple but so moving it hurts.

4. ‘FOOL’ – Nadine Shah


‘Fool’ was a rather late entry to this week’s playlist, but I’m glad I caught it when I did. Released on the 2015 LP Fast Food, ‘Fool’ is a somewhat simple track, but one that grips you tight and refuses to let go. Steady rhythms are punctuated by twangy, dissonant guitar lines and Shah’s voice. It’s a great track, and definitely made me want to check out the rest of the album.

5. ‘CERTAINTY’ – Temples


It’s been a long time since I listened to Temples, truth be told, so what a nice surprise it was when I heard their latest single, ‘Certainty’ on the radio a couple of weeks ago. It was released at the end of September, but I obviously missed that one. Oops. ‘Certainty’ is the lead single from the four-piece’s upcoming album, which has yet to be named, but which I’m excited for already.

6. ‘NO FLAVOUR’ – Phobophobes


This London-based five piece released ‘No Flavour’ way back in February, but I only came across it last week. It came as no surprise to see that band have previously toured with Fat White Family, as there is a clear similarity in their archaic sound and raw energy. The live shows these guys put on are meant to be brilliant, so I’m looking forward to checking them out soon.

7. ‘FANCY MAN’ – Devendra Banhart


It’s another addition from the silky-voiced Mr Banhart this week, with ‘Fancy Man,’ a slacker-rock type, lazily bumbling tune that is annoyingly infectious; I’ve had it in my head pretty much constantly for the last two weeks. The rest of the album from which it is taken isn’t exactly mind-blowing, but it’s pleasant Sunday afternoon listening.



Taken from an album written by Sir Karl Jenkins as a memorial to the victims of the Aberfan disaster, ‘Lament for the Valley’ is a haunting piece that I can only imagine captures some of the emotions felt by the families of those who lost their lives. Beautifully written and performed, the entire work is incredible and definitely worth checking out.

9. ‘NORSE TRUTH’ – Against Me!


Against Me! hail from Florida and bring with them some brilliantly heavy and catchy punk tunes with their latest album Shape Shift With Me, released in late September. Lead singer Laura Jane Grace has a way with words, and tries to fit as many of them as she can into each verse, making it a complex yet entertaining listening exercise. ‘Norse Truth’ is a great track and a great advertisement for the rest of the album which is equally brilliant.



I couldn’t find the real original version of this track on Spotify, and thought this metal version went nicely with ‘Norse Truth’ that preceded it. Also, go check out the video that the above picture is taken from. Happy Halloween!

Ryan Ottley-Booth



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